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The cush-it™, by luna sea sports, is an easy, incredibly comfortable, lightweight, durable, premium foam fishing rod accessory! The Cush-it is the ultimate bruise stopper! Why risk your expensive fishing, rod and reel going overboard, never to be seen again, when you can easily add this affordable, lightweight, easy on & off premium foam cush-it to provide comfort and peace of mind… and even improve your fishing! It is UV resistant, saltwater resistant, and so light weight and comfortable!

The Inshore and the Big Bass Cush-its are made to cushion and float smaller fishing rods for inshore and inland fishing. They are both the exact same size on the exterior, however, the interior of the Inshore Cush-it is smaller than the Big Bass, accommodating different size fishing rod butts.

The “All Species” is our all-around bruise stopper! It’s smaller than the Big Game Cush-it and the number one seller! It still offers the tapered interior, however, the rod butt goes deeper into the bulbous end. It’s the choice for smaller gamefish but some anglers still use it for large, saltwater gamefish as well. The All Species Cush-it has the same benefits as the Big Game except it does not store so easily on the rocket launcher.

Cush-it BIG GAME
The Cush-it™ is designed to grip and bend into the body so it will protect the angler from that force. The bulbous end absorbs the shock, isolating the rod butt from the angler. It is tapered on the interior to fit and grip any size rod butt. It stores easily on the bottom of any rocket launcher for quick, easy access. No more need to adjust or wear bulky fighting belts.

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