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PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR OWN CUSTOM SHIRTS – Bigfish has a minimum of 10 shirts in one sleeve length for any custom order. Absolutely stunning in its result just not economical in small runs and remembering that these are your own totally customised shirts. It’s the type of process that just doesn’t lend itself to economical short run printing but can be used to create your own “custom” team / event / tournament shirts to great effect.

To give you some idea on 10 long sleeve shirts, they are $90ex gst plus the design/setup costs. Once you get over 10 the cost does start to drop relatively quickly.

The design and setup costs can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the design (not the amount of colour) ie a supplied logo on a blue background is far less time consuming than a jumping fish, with a boat in front and flames coming through it – hence more charge. To give you some idea though the average setup cost is around the $400+ mark but does not include any image royalties. The artwork is very difficult to put a price on until we know what you are looking to generate on your shirts.

Image Royalties apply to the use of stock illustrations and photographic images, please see the CUSTOM IMAGES page for available images for use with your custom orders. All illustrations/photos come with various useage costs and minimum quantities. This cost relates to the image “use” for your particular run of shirts and does not transfer ownership of the image, just the rights and permission to use it. Note: some of the Complete Backgrounds will reduce you design/layout costs.

If you are interested, it’s best to visit the FAQ page as this may help with any questions you have regarding your own custom products. Further to this then use the CONTACT US page to submit and enquiry and answer the prompted questions / reference images. You don’t need to draw up the shirt just a bit of a description is all we require to get accurate with your setup costs and unit prices.

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For further information please check out our FAQ page.

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