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Aussie Pride FISH HEADZ

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The “Aussie Pride” range is the must have Australian fishing shirt. Featuring the “Aussie Flag” draped over the cheek with an impressive sailfish illustration across the other. A very simple, striking, functional FISH HEADZ to chase your favourite “Aussie” fish.



  • Description
FISH HEADZ are multifunctional headwear for your head ears and neck that can be used for protection from the sun / wind / rain and keeping you cool. We specifically wanted a garment that was light, cool and comfortable to wear with good UPF protection, hence we make ours from lightweight, stretchy polyester and makes FISH HEADZ easy to breath through when covering the mouth. UPF protection does vary accourding to the colour, the lighter colours are around UPF 20 and the darker colours UPF 30. Wearing FISH HEADZ is like applying the same rated sunscreen that will not wear off. On hot days, dunk them in your esky water and pull them on, they’ll cool you instantly and keep you cool for long periods. BIGFISH also advises to put sun protection cream around the surrounding areas especially if you are pulling it on and off as protection is only where the fabric is, whilst wearing it. FISH HEADZ should not be used as a complete substitute for Sun Protection Cream rather used in conjunction with it to get the very best benefits.  

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